Five Reasons to Travel by Train in Italy

Five Reasons to Travel by Train in Italy

Need to see all of Italy during your week vacation? Italy has a unique, well-developed railway system that allows any passenger to travel from the northern part of Italy all the way to the southern tip in a mere 12 hours. Frecce, the famous high-velocity trains, offer awe-inspiring scenery and luxury amenities that make your travel a breeze.

Travelling within Italy by train is a no-brainer and while you can take a 30-minute flight from one region to the other, you just don’t see the country as well as by land. The fast trains are the most convenient for these 5 reasons:

1) less of a hassle, 2) less expensive 3) allows you to take on luggage without security checks, 4) WIFI and 5) you see more of Italy that way!

Going to Rome to Venice, for example, would be a flight under an hour, but when you include the pre-departure check-in requirements (at least 1 hour before departure), travel time to get to the airport (1 hour), flight time (1 hr), and the time to get from the airport to the city center (30-45 minutes), it actually takes the same amount of time (with no delays) or longer to get to your final destination than the train time (total train travel time= 3.45 hours).

You just buy your train tickets and go! Get them online before your departure to choose your seats and the best hours for you. If you get them very far in advance you can save even more money since there are super saver deals!

Remember that these trains are nearly new, so second class tickets still make you feel like you’re in first class, so stick to those cheaper seats.


Get your train tickets today!

Buon viaggio!

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