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Venice for Rookies: A City Guide for Foodies & Authentic Travel

This travel guide is compatible with any smart phone or eReader device. The author, Bianca, has been living in Venice, Italy since 2008 (not to mention numerous Italian voyages over the past 10 years) and wants you to get past the tourist traps and really enjoy Venice for what it’s known for.

In addition to the hundred listings mentioned, find out all about:

  • Places with FREE Glass Blowing & Mask Making demos
  • The CHEAPEST way to visit the surrounding islands (Murano, Burano, & Lido)
  • Where the LOCALS truly eat (Venetian taverns)
  • How to get a Private HOTEL Room* for US$15 a night
  • SAVINGS tips on tourist attractions and passes

Venice for Rookies is different from any other Venice guidebook because it prepares you with handy “know-how” videos, quick links to free audible tours of the city, does not direct you to tourist trap restaurants, it takes you off-the-beaten tracks, and is written with the same enthusiasm and secrets you would get if you were visiting your best friend in Venice!

“It’s not just about discounts, it’s about doing as the locals do at local prices…”

 Estimated Expenditures Chart: Based on per person costs on an average touring day in Venice.


Purchase the Venice for Rookies city guide before you leave and learn exactly how to save over $200 during your trip. The savings from all the travel advice can go towards dining in top Venice restaurants, nightlife, and shopping!


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Venice Travel Guide Spring Special

*Some blackout dates apply. If the hotel room is unavailable, similar lodging will be assigned at a hostel located in historic Venice.